Our Work Process


This involves mind mapping and drafting of your knowledge, ideas or project into a 2D or 3D layout.

Project analysis

This involves dissecting and breaking your layouts into actionable steps while checking for internal and external factors that can have effects on your project.

Market Research

This involves doing a detailed study of how your business will succeed in the market and the steps to take.

Prototype Design

This involves creating a working model of your project while testing it against real-life factors that can affect it. In this phase, only test materials are used and it doesn't have to be built to the actual size of the desired product.

Product Development

This involves building the actual sample of the product and presenting it for testing and feedback by all involved stakeholders.

Mass Production

This is the phase where you launch the full product in it's desired size for the market.


This is the phase where you prospect about who are the ideal customers, create appointments with them, follow up with them and ensure they purchase the goods or services.

Customer Protection

This is the phase where steps are taken to ensure clients have maximum satisfaction during use of products after sale.