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Pairing Elegance With Unlimited Innovation.

Our story

It was officially registered in Nigeria in the month of January 2015. It  started as Peleguin Engineering Concepts fixing computers and selling accessories. It added a subsidiary called Peleguin Agric Solutions in 2014 focusing on Exotic Fresh Fruits and vegetables which featured its fruits at GT Food & Drinks Festival, Facebook Conference, Yogurberry and many other platforms. It has now evolved into a cash crops sales and processing company.

In 2020 we rebranded Peleguin Solutions into a full time Business Automation Company that focuses on developing and marketing smart technology solutions that help people and companies become more effective and productive while at home, at work and asleep.  As our vision has always been, we are focused on providing a good blend of solutions that are always elegant and innovative. That is what births our company name PELEGUIN which is an acronym of; Pairing ELEGance with Unlimited Innovation

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