How to build a Mobile App for my Car Rental Business


Automobile Rental Solution

Automobile Rental Solution

Why do you think people use Uber more than your Car/ Automobile rental business?

Have you considered that outside the profit sharing and standardised prices of Uber, every average high value customer feels more closer to Uber than your business?

The gap is clear..
But you can compete better.

What you need is simply an Automobile Mobile Rental Solution.

An automobile rental solution shows you:
– The Types of Automobile.
– The Availability of Automobile.
– Bookings (with date).
– Location of client using Google map.
– Tracking of driver by customer when driver seems lost or unable to find point of assembly/residence.
– Live chat by text /voice with driver.
– Tracking of past records of orders and complaints of client by staff (in terms of discounts, promos, attention etc.)
– Basic profiles for customers;
– Standard profiles for staffs;
– Promos and many more.


                     How To Get It Done
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For Greater Business Success.

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How To Build A Digital Community For Your Alumni Body

A Mobile Alumni Community

A Mobile Alumni Community

What do you think an Alumni Association is all about?
Is it about helping you collect your certificate and transcript?
Is it about helping to clarify that you are a true graduate of your school alone?
Obama maximised his Alumni Heritage in connecting with great legends and past leaders that helped mentor and guide him through his path to Success.

When last were you shocked that someone you earnestly desired to meet was an Alumni of your school?

In this digital age that we presently are, there has to be a relevant Alumni that is very mobile and won’t just put both budding and leading alumni on the same platform but will connect all with our predominant needs on daily basis.

This can only be fulfilled through the Power of Community.

A Mobile Digital Community has features such as:
– Personal profiles for all members,

– Premium profiles for administrators,

– Interpersonal chats (text, voice)

– Business Galleria for display of products and services

– News

– Location search for businesses and colleagues,

– Blog,

– Portfolio..  to show experience,
personal skills, projects and many more.

This will help your great school be rated higher in coming years globally due to the identifiable impact of its alumni.

Schools are not rated by the quality of their staffs / works alone but by the quality of their products(alumni) and their impact on the world at large.

How can you know that your alumni are doing well and can be benefitted from when you haven’t given them a common relevant platform on the go?

Give your Future & Present Alumni Hope.

Build Them A Home

Give Them A Platform

Build Them A Digitally Mobile Community.

                    How To Get It Done
Simply contact us at PELEGUIN Engineering Concepts to build and customise a digital community for your prestigious Alumni body.
Towards A Closer & Greater Alumni

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How To Build A Digital Community For Your Estate



A Digital Community On The Go

A Digital Community On The Go

I recently walked into an estate to visit a friend and just a few seconds away from the gate, I saw my friends Dad coordinating a meeting.
Behold it was a meeting for all the residents of the estate. His dad was the chairman.
For approximately 2 hours his dad was fully engrossed in the meeting that he could not attend to other family needs.
It was so appalling as I could hardly send my greetings.
Then I wondered how much of important activities had to be put aside because of issues that could easily be discussed over a call/ group chat.
There are many more things that I wonder why they happen in estates.
Sincerely why are you living in an estate where you don’t know the value of your neighbour and how you can contribute or network with the person?

These and many more are among the numerous reasons you need to build a digital community for your estate.

A Digital Community helps achieve the following:

-Lower cost of meetings from physical to text, audio / video for residents.

– Reduced cost of communication from call tariffs to basic internet.

– Increased time of communication from 12hrs to 24 hrs.

– Easy advertisements of portfolio, products and services by residents of the estate ( Business Opportunities)

– Sole opportunity for full blown announcements by Administrator of the estate as announcements /news.

– Easy payment of utility bills.

– Easy procurement of goods/services sold in the Community.

– Easy alerts to Security by residents at a push/tap of a button without shouting.

– Interpersonal relations between residents: new and old.

– Blogs for visitors and intending residents.

If your Community isn’t digital yet, show them the way .


Simply contact us at PELEGUIN Engineering Concepts to build and customise a digital community for your estate.

So it’s up to you.

Cheers To A Closer& Richer Community

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The World of Mobile Apps

Life is in phases, men are in sizes; we have to live our phase per time.

Everyone has a means of communicating, every invention has a way of it being used and every product has tools /facilities needed to maximize it.

In the world of Tech, there is a phase that nearly every person or business craves greatly for and that’s the “Smart Phase”. E.g smartphone, smart bike, smart cars..etc.

That is something easy to use, automated and fast.

These tools all need software that are put into the devices to make them smart. And fortunately, there is a statistic that shows that about 4 in every 5 persons has a mobile phone and about 7 in every 10 adults has a smart phone.

This means that to reach about 70% of the world, the best medium to use is their smartphones.

For a smartphone to be used, there must be effective apps. Therefore to build your business and personal brand well around 70% the world, you really need a mobile app!

Mobile is the major A grade marketing means of touching over 70% of your clients.

So get a mobile app built for you on any or all of the following platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows.

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Strawberries grown and sold in Nigeria–Get it Fresh!

Ignorance is the worst enemy!


Have you heard that the top 4 World’s Healthiest Fruits are all berries?

Do you know that the top 4 fruits help you reduce your blood sugar elevations/rise that come from simple sugar intake?

Have you considered that one of them is being produced here in your surroundings and can get to u very fresh without any preservative and long distance transport(In Nigeria) What kind of berries is that?

Don’t think too far!!..Its Strawberries!




Strong research support for strawberry health benefits in 3 major areas:

(1) Cardiovascular support and prevention of cardiovascular diseases

(2) Improved regulation of blood sugar, with decreased risk of type 2 diabetes, and

(3) Prevention of certain cancer types including breast, cervical, colon, and esophageal cancer.

Research also shows that several blood markers for chronic, unwanted inflammation can be improved by regular intake of strawberries. Interestingly, by research consumption of strawberries did not show anti-inflammatory benefits until strawberries were consumed at least 3 times per week.

(U know what!–> you need it in your diet every other day)

My dear ladies and cooks, the fragrantly sweet juiciness and deep red color of strawberries can brighten up both the taste and aesthetics of any meal.

(U need to try this on that meal!)

Not only do they taste great, they are among the fruits and vegetables ranked highest in health-promoting antioxidants.

Antioxidants help combat the damaging effects of free radical activity to cellular structures and DNA.

Even W.H.O(World Health Organisation) recommends enjoying strawberries raw (not in baked/cooked desserts) because they provide you with the best flavor and the greatest benefits from their vast array of nutrients and digestion-aiding enzymes when fresh.

So you better know–> W.H.O encourages it fresh (not processed!)

Before U go..

Hear This: Among all fruits profiled as the World’s Healthiest Foods, strawberries come out as the best fruit source of a pivotal antioxidant vitamin:vitamin C !!!

You need to also know that it helps better eye-sight for aging individuals

{Friend! U are geting old}.

This God is too good oo.. {In Nathaniel Bassey’s voice).. All in one fruit! Am sure you need this!..

Eat right and Live well!

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Thank you!!


Some questions as answered by a 17yr old teen.

  • What is career?

Career simply means an occupation which one acquires either as a profession and it requires special training .it is also a general course of action through life or through a phase of life it simply means what you want to be come in future.

  • Why must you have a career?

I must have a career so that i can change the world with whatever acquisition i am acquiring into a better place and to bring about new ideas e.t.c

  • Why are most teens confused about career?

Most times why teens are career confused is because they don’t want to study some subjects in school because of some teachers , or lecturers ,and some get confused when their parents choose a specific career field for them and they don’t practice the occupation; also some get confused because they were told that when they were young as children they liked to repair electronics and when they grew up they kind of like to make things so their parent(s) influence(s) them ..even friends also add to their confusion as some of their peers may want to read medicine and you too want to follow him whereas you may not good in biology or chemistry but because your friend is in science class you follow him.

  • How do you think you can get help?

Teens can get help in many ways or place; the first place we can get help in choosing a career is in the school, any time you want to choose a career visit the school guidance and counselor’s office and lay down your issues also you can meet any one of the youth in your geographical environment and ask him/her to help you on your decision to choose a career.

  • When can I choose a career as a teen?

The right time to choose a career is at junior secondary school i.e. when you are about to enter senior secondary school so that you will face the subject relating to the career.

  • Is every teen like you confused about career?
    • No; not every teen get confused because most teens have made up their minds on a particular career and no matter what advice is being given to him/her , he/she will not respond to the advice and some still get confused.
  • What steps should be taken when choosing a career?
  • Know about the career
  • Ask questions based on the career
  • Have good knowledge of the subjects linked with it—so you don’t have challenges with it in the university
  • Make more research on the career from graduates and professionals in the field of passion.

My General advice for all teenagers

  • Study more books, learn and practice critical reasoning
  • Study wide and learn more
  • Study social & human psychology
  • Study social intelligence, emotional intelligence
  • Read wide, get volunteering jobs/experiences, get organizational skills
  • Keep details
  • Be creative
  • Be innovative
  • Learn &practice leadership skills
  • Stop memorizing, study to understand
  • Study financial intelligence.
  • Be critical about everything it until you redefine it (innovation)
  • The highest & best investment that you can make is in your head
  • The highest impact you can make is in people
  • The more you learn, the more you know, the better you lead
  • Time is constant, every other thing changes|| INVEST YOUR TIME!

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What is innovation?
Why must I innovate?
Who are those that innovate?
When am I meant to innovate?

Innovation is an action that is taken to re-define/improve upon a previous work/action.

Until you get bored with a thing you can’t re-define/innovate on it —Joshua Oshowo (2014)

God can not build a storey building of innovation & ideas upon you when you have not built a strong foundation of knowledge that’s strong enough to carry it — Joseph Maichibi (2008)

Innovation is meant to occur at all times but it was said that “Innovation without an elegant use of the resources you have elegantly acquired is an excellent waste of resources” – Joshua Oshowo (2015)

And due to some of these reasons it has been said that there is practically no wisdom in re-inventing the wheel but there is great wisdom in increasing its speed.

Whoever and wherever you are, the knowledge and skill/ability to do something better is always more respected than the skill to repeat an obsolete idea.

I do better and see farther than my peers because I stand on the shoulders of giants that have gone ahead — Isaac Newton

To this end, I will advise you to innovate on the past works of those that were before you because if you don’t, you will most likely waste your years living and proving an old/archaic knowledge rather than walking upon old land marks to make new ones ahead.


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