March 13, 2015 pel


What is innovation?
Why must I innovate?
Who are those that innovate?
When am I meant to innovate?

Innovation is an action that is taken to re-define/improve upon a previous work/action.

Until you get bored with a thing you can’t re-define/innovate on it —Joshua Oshowo (2014)

God can not build a storey building of innovation & ideas upon you when you have not built a strong foundation of knowledge that’s strong enough to carry it — Joseph Maichibi (2008)

Innovation is meant to occur at all times but it was said that “Innovation without an elegant use of the resources you have elegantly acquired is an excellent waste of resources” – Joshua Oshowo (2015)

And due to some of these reasons it has been said that there is practically no wisdom in re-inventing the wheel but there is great wisdom in increasing its speed.

Whoever and wherever you are, the knowledge and skill/ability to do something better is always more respected than the skill to repeat an obsolete idea.

I do better and see farther than my peers because I stand on the shoulders of giants that have gone ahead — Isaac Newton

To this end, I will advise you to innovate on the past works of those that were before you because if you don’t, you will most likely waste your years living and proving an old/archaic knowledge rather than walking upon old land marks to make new ones ahead.


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