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How to build a Mobile App for my Car Rental Business


Automobile Rental Solution

Automobile Rental Solution

Why do you think people use Uber more than your Car/ Automobile rental business?

Have you considered that outside the profit sharing and standardised prices of Uber, every average high value customer feels more closer to Uber than your business?

The gap is clear..
But you can compete better.

What you need is simply an Automobile Mobile Rental Solution.

An automobile rental solution shows you:
– The Types of Automobile.
– The Availability of Automobile.
– Bookings (with date).
– Location of client using Google map.
– Tracking of driver by customer when driver seems lost or unable to find point of assembly/residence.
– Live chat by text /voice with driver.
– Tracking of past records of orders and complaints of client by staff (in terms of discounts, promos, attention etc.)
– Basic profiles for customers;
– Standard profiles for staffs;
– Promos and many more.


                     How To Get It Done
Simply contact us at PELEGUIN Engineering Concepts to build and customise your Automobile Rental Business Solution.

For Greater Business Success.

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