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How To Build A Digital Community For Your Alumni Body

A Mobile Alumni Community

A Mobile Alumni Community

What do you think an Alumni Association is all about?
Is it about helping you collect your certificate and transcript?
Is it about helping to clarify that you are a true graduate of your school alone?
Obama maximised his Alumni Heritage in connecting with great legends and past leaders that helped mentor and guide him through his path to Success.

When last were you shocked that someone you earnestly desired to meet was an Alumni of your school?

In this digital age that we presently are, there has to be a relevant Alumni that is very mobile and won’t just put both budding and leading alumni on the same platform but will connect all with our predominant needs on daily basis.

This can only be fulfilled through the Power of Community.

A Mobile Digital Community has features such as:
– Personal profiles for all members,

– Premium profiles for administrators,

– Interpersonal chats (text, voice)

– Business Galleria for display of products and services

– News

– Location search for businesses and colleagues,

– Blog,

– Portfolio..  to show experience,
personal skills, projects and many more.

This will help your great school be rated higher in coming years globally due to the identifiable impact of its alumni.

Schools are not rated by the quality of their staffs / works alone but by the quality of their products(alumni) and their impact on the world at large.

How can you know that your alumni are doing well and can be benefitted from when you haven’t given them a common relevant platform on the go?

Give your Future & Present Alumni Hope.

Build Them A Home

Give Them A Platform

Build Them A Digitally Mobile Community.

                    How To Get It Done
Simply contact us at PELEGUIN Engineering Concepts to build and customise a digital community for your prestigious Alumni body.
Towards A Closer & Greater Alumni

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