Some questions as answered by a 17yr old teen.

  • What is career?

Career simply means an occupation which one acquires either as a profession and it requires special training .it is also a general course of action through life or through a phase of life it simply means what you want to be come in future.

  • Why must you have a career?

I must have a career so that i can change the world with whatever acquisition i am acquiring into a better place and to bring about new ideas e.t.c

  • Why are most teens confused about career?

Most times why teens are career confused is because they don’t want to study some subjects in school because of some teachers , or lecturers ,and some get confused when their parents choose a specific career field for them and they don’t practice the occupation; also some get confused because they were told that when they were young as children they liked to repair electronics and when they grew up they kind of like to make things so their parent(s) influence(s) them ..even friends also add to their confusion as some of their peers may want to read medicine and you too want to follow him whereas you may not good in biology or chemistry but because your friend is in science class you follow him.

  • How do you think you can get help?

Teens can get help in many ways or place; the first place we can get help in choosing a career is in the school, any time you want to choose a career visit the school guidance and counselor’s office and lay down your issues also you can meet any one of the youth in your geographical environment and ask him/her to help you on your decision to choose a career.

  • When can I choose a career as a teen?

The right time to choose a career is at junior secondary school i.e. when you are about to enter senior secondary school so that you will face the subject relating to the career.

  • Is every teen like you confused about career?
    • No; not every teen get confused because most teens have made up their minds on a particular career and no matter what advice is being given to him/her , he/she will not respond to the advice and some still get confused.
  • What steps should be taken when choosing a career?
  • Know about the career
  • Ask questions based on the career
  • Have good knowledge of the subjects linked with it—so you don’t have challenges with it in the university
  • Make more research on the career from graduates and professionals in the field of passion.

My General advice for all teenagers

  • Study more books, learn and practice critical reasoning
  • Study wide and learn more
  • Study social & human psychology
  • Study social intelligence, emotional intelligence
  • Read wide, get volunteering jobs/experiences, get organizational skills
  • Keep details
  • Be creative
  • Be innovative
  • Learn &practice leadership skills
  • Stop memorizing, study to understand
  • Study financial intelligence.
  • Be critical about everything it until you redefine it (innovation)
  • The highest & best investment that you can make is in your head
  • The highest impact you can make is in people
  • The more you learn, the more you know, the better you lead
  • Time is constant, every other thing changes|| INVEST YOUR TIME!

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What is innovation?
Why must I innovate?
Who are those that innovate?
When am I meant to innovate?

Innovation is an action that is taken to re-define/improve upon a previous work/action.

Until you get bored with a thing you can’t re-define/innovate on it —Joshua Oshowo (2014)

God can not build a storey building of innovation & ideas upon you when you have not built a strong foundation of knowledge that’s strong enough to carry it — Joseph Maichibi (2008)

Innovation is meant to occur at all times but it was said that “Innovation without an elegant use of the resources you have elegantly acquired is an excellent waste of resources” – Joshua Oshowo (2015)

And due to some of these reasons it has been said that there is practically no wisdom in re-inventing the wheel but there is great wisdom in increasing its speed.

Whoever and wherever you are, the knowledge and skill/ability to do something better is always more respected than the skill to repeat an obsolete idea.

I do better and see farther than my peers because I stand on the shoulders of giants that have gone ahead — Isaac Newton

To this end, I will advise you to innovate on the past works of those that were before you because if you don’t, you will most likely waste your years living and proving an old/archaic knowledge rather than walking upon old land marks to make new ones ahead.


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