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How to build a Mobile App for my Car Rental Business


Automobile Rental Solution

Automobile Rental Solution

Why do you think people use Uber more than your Car/ Automobile rental business?

Have you considered that outside the profit sharing and standardised prices of Uber, every average high value customer feels more closer to Uber than your business?

The gap is clear..
But you can compete better.

What you need is simply an Automobile Mobile Rental Solution.

An automobile rental solution shows you:
– The Types of Automobile.
– The Availability of Automobile.
– Bookings (with date).
– Location of client using Google map.
– Tracking of driver by customer when driver seems lost or unable to find point of assembly/residence.
– Live chat by text /voice with driver.
– Tracking of past records of orders and complaints of client by staff (in terms of discounts, promos, attention etc.)
– Basic profiles for customers;
– Standard profiles for staffs;
– Promos and many more.


                     How To Get It Done
Simply contact us at PELEGUIN Engineering Concepts to build and customise your Automobile Rental Business Solution.

For Greater Business Success.


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How To Build A Digital Community For Your Alumni Body

A Mobile Alumni Community

A Mobile Alumni Community

What do you think an Alumni Association is all about?
Is it about helping you collect your certificate and transcript?
Is it about helping to clarify that you are a true graduate of your school alone?
Obama maximised his Alumni Heritage in connecting with great legends and past leaders that helped mentor and guide him through his path to Success.

When last were you shocked that someone you earnestly desired to meet was an Alumni of your school?

In this digital age that we presently are, there has to be a relevant Alumni that is very mobile and won’t just put both budding and leading alumni on the same platform but will connect all with our predominant needs on daily basis.

This can only be fulfilled through the Power of Community.

A Mobile Digital Community has features such as:
– Personal profiles for all members,

– Premium profiles for administrators,

– Interpersonal chats (text, voice)

– Business Galleria for display of products and services

– News

– Location search for businesses and colleagues,

– Blog,

– Portfolio..  to show experience,
personal skills, projects and many more.

This will help your great school be rated higher in coming years globally due to the identifiable impact of its alumni.

Schools are not rated by the quality of their staffs / works alone but by the quality of their products(alumni) and their impact on the world at large.

How can you know that your alumni are doing well and can be benefitted from when you haven’t given them a common relevant platform on the go?

Give your Future & Present Alumni Hope.

Build Them A Home

Give Them A Platform

Build Them A Digitally Mobile Community.

                    How To Get It Done
Simply contact us at PELEGUIN Engineering Concepts to build and customise a digital community for your prestigious Alumni body.
Towards A Closer & Greater Alumni

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{Contact: info@peleguin.com //+2348174938110 }

How To Build A Digital Community For Your Estate



A Digital Community On The Go

A Digital Community On The Go

I recently walked into an estate to visit a friend and just a few seconds away from the gate, I saw my friends Dad coordinating a meeting.
Behold it was a meeting for all the residents of the estate. His dad was the chairman.
For approximately 2 hours his dad was fully engrossed in the meeting that he could not attend to other family needs.
It was so appalling as I could hardly send my greetings.
Then I wondered how much of important activities had to be put aside because of issues that could easily be discussed over a call/ group chat.
There are many more things that I wonder why they happen in estates.
Sincerely why are you living in an estate where you don’t know the value of your neighbour and how you can contribute or network with the person?

These and many more are among the numerous reasons you need to build a digital community for your estate.

A Digital Community helps achieve the following:

-Lower cost of meetings from physical to text, audio / video for residents.

– Reduced cost of communication from call tariffs to basic internet.

– Increased time of communication from 12hrs to 24 hrs.

– Easy advertisements of portfolio, products and services by residents of the estate ( Business Opportunities)

– Sole opportunity for full blown announcements by Administrator of the estate as announcements /news.

– Easy payment of utility bills.

– Easy procurement of goods/services sold in the Community.

– Easy alerts to Security by residents at a push/tap of a button without shouting.

– Interpersonal relations between residents: new and old.

– Blogs for visitors and intending residents.

If your Community isn’t digital yet, show them the way .


Simply contact us at PELEGUIN Engineering Concepts to build and customise a digital community for your estate.

So it’s up to you.

Cheers To A Closer& Richer Community

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{Contact: info@peleguin.com //+2348174938110 }